Peter Cundill



The Peter Cundill Foundation is a private, philanthropic body based in Bermuda, whose aim is to make a difference in the lives of young people in the areas of education, health, sport and the arts and humanities. The Board meets to consider grant applications on a regular basis.

The definition of youth is from birth to 25 years.

The Foundation will consider supporting projects by means of one-off or multi-year funding and is open to entering into partnership with other funding bodies that have a proven track record. There are no geographical restrictions.

Funding will not be provided for endowments, large capital cost building projects or budget deficits. Additional operating costs arising from a project for which funding is being sought should be included and itemized in the application's budget.


Grant Application Process

Thank you for your interest in exploring a funding partnership with The Peter Cundill Foundation.

Our new team are currently undertaking a strategic review of our grant-making.

While we focus on that review, we’re sorry that we don’t have the capacity to explore new partnerships during 2019. If your organisation fits within the scope of our new strategy, we would be very happy to receive an expression of interest from 2020 onwards. Details of the new strategy will be available on the website from December 2019.

Many thanks for your patience and for all your work.

Please email any correspondence to Mrs. Fiona O'Driscoll at



Promoting the Health, Education and Wellbeing of Young People