The Peter Cundill Foundation was established in Bermuda on 11 January 2012, following the death of its founder, Peter Cundill.

During his remarkable life, Peter had many interests and was both an academic and an athlete. He was also passionate about supporting the young and often helped those with aspirations to better themselves and fulfill their potential in the fields of education and sport. The Board of the Foundation have developed this aspiration with the mission to promote the education and wellbeing of young people.

Since 2020, the Foundation has worked to identify between 40-50 partner organisations across our focus geographies: Canada, the UK and East Africa.

Funding partnerships generally consist of 2 to 3-year, unrestricted grants that usually extend by a year, every year. Our aim is to ensure our partners have the long-term, flexible finance they need to achieve great things. Our unrestricted funding is relationship based and built on substantial up-front evaluation of potential partners and their work.

Potential grantees should visit ‘GRANTS’ to find out how to share information on your organisation.

Our portfolio is made up of great charities working to improve the lives of children in a variety of ways. Our most established partnerships can be found on the Grants page. In East Africa, we mainly partner with organisations focused on education, both in terms of access to school and improved learning as well as Early Childhood Development. In Canada, Bermuda and the UK we will support partners that are improving the lives of children more broadly although still, mainly, through schools. To maximise our impact, we generally seek approaches that either fill underserved niches or improve the efficiency of existing children’s services.

The Foundation is keen to advocate for more philanthropies to make unrestricted grants. You can read about our thinking on why unrestricted funding works so much better here.


Peter Cundill
Peter Cundill
The Peter Cundill Foundation, Improving the Lives of Children